"...an aesthetically bold, artistically ambitious, and consummately brilliant work of progressive theater." Kevin Greene, Newcity Stage

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As Germany careens toward war, an entire society begins to crack, and the seeds of chaos and tragedy take root in the minds of its citizens. Artistic Director Josh Sobel (We're Gonna Die) helms an ensemble-driven production of Brecht's 1938 classic with a contemporary eye – a warning of how insidiously a culture can make space for atrocity, and a call to never allow it to happen again.

"As the world finds itself in the midst of its next great cultural shift, Brecht's examination of the common citizen and how a society can be led to accept the inhumane feels strikingly immediate. Brecht wrote this play reflecting and pulling back the curtain on the news of the day as it was happening around him, providing an unnerving and - in our current moment - all too important call to confront injustice as it happens and to firmly and proudly say: No. With this production we seek to serve one of Haven's core values - the Future - through an intimate and personal look at the our past and how such fatal mistakes were allowed to take place." ~Josh Sobel

Thurs-Saturday evenings NOW AT 7:30PM (Sundays remain 3PM)

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED... Haven Theatre artistic director Josh Sobel’s gifts as a director match his visionary ambitions as a company leader. Not the least of his many bonafides is his selection of collaborators, who work in victorious concert here... The epic design finds its complement in this spry, hearty and, most vitally, young ensemble of which Sobel asks a great deal and receives even more... The end result is nothing less than consummate art.
— Kevin Greene, Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED... This play may not be for everyone, but for those who enjoy intellectual stimulation and are willing to sit back and contemplate some of the harsh realities and complexities of the human experience, this is a performance you will not soon forget... this is theater at its best, relevant and thought provoking.
— Reno Lovison, Chicago Theater and Arts

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