A message from Artistic Director Josh Sobel on coming across The Distance 
and how it ties into Haven's new vision...

Before Elly Green sent me Deborah Bruce’s funny and powerful play The Distance, I had asked her if she had any passion projects that she had been dying to direct but that so far had not found a home. Upon reading The Distance, I found myself sharing that same passion. Such a powerful, disarming and beautifully complex journey of a woman trying to retake control of her story, her life, her future. 

There is something to be said for investing in passion. The beauty of a “passion project” is that you know that there is a level of investment, of care, and of vision that has been nurtured and tended over time, resulting in deep roots that invariably find their way into the fabric of the production and elevate the entire endeavor for everyone involved. The Distance is the next chapter in Haven’s track record of creating space for Chicago’s most exciting artists to realize their dreams on our stage. 

Speaking of next chapters, The Distance also serves as an ideal bridge into a new vision for the work we are planning for Haven into the future. That work will be built upon just that idea: The Future. As we look ahead to our just-announced 2016-2017 season, we are taking the opportunity to establish The Future as a foundational value to the work we create and share with you. In The Distance, we find the Future in the story: a woman leaves her husband and children behind following the growing realization that the life she has been creating for herself is not one she truly wants, and we follow her navigating the new and immediate future she has stepped into as a result of her choice.

Building upon this foundation, Haven will be further dedicating itself to this core value by championing voices that are establishing themselves as the immediate future of the American Theatre. We are committing to providing structured space for artists in their earliest stages of professional development - our future artistic leaders - as we began last season with our Director’s Haven initiative. We are committing to nurturing partnerships focused on values that are at the forefront of our current cultural conversation. 

By joining us for The Distance, as well as our soon to be announced upcoming season, you are sharing in this commitment to the Future. You have a hand in keeping this art form relevant and immediate and growing. You are investing in the next generation of American Theatre. The great artistic minds of the immediate past - the Albee’s, the Kazan’s, the Hellman’s and Hansberry’s and Williams’ - were the innovators of their generations. They too needed support from those who believed in their vision, those who would take a risk and champion their voice as the new American Theatre of their time. In supporting Haven, you are at the ground floor, the front of the line in continuing this tradition and keeping our industry moving forward into the Future. 

Thank you for your support in helping us take this leap into the Future. If The Distance is any indication, it promises to be a bright one. 

     Josh Sobel
     Artistic Director
     Haven Theatre Company