A NOTE FROM ARTISTIC DIRECTOR JOSH SOBEL: "The best horror stories, in my view, always have something deeper to say about the world we live in - a warped-mirror reflection of the reality we so often choose to ignore, an attempt to shock us into seeing. This is so much of the power and potency of Isaac Gomez's electrifying new play, The Displaced - a thriller with its heart anchored in the devastating cost of gentrification that is happening even right now in our very own city. Isaac's voice first blew me away in 2016 with his utterly riveting and ravaging The Way She Spoke, and it became immediately clear that this is someone whose point of view I dearly wanted at Haven Theatre. It is a privilege to make that dream a reality with Isaac's stunning world premiere." 


Photo credit: joe mazza | brave lux

Stage blood provided by Gravity & Momentum